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The best-known spa in Alto Adige / South Tyrol will be opening again this year. This is highly tempting news for all those who want to enjoy life without neglecting their health. On offer are natural ingredients, the ideal temperature of radon-impregnated water, fresh air, dream landscapes and all the distinctive flavour of the Alto Adige region. You can bathe like the Austrian Empress Sissi, soaking in a mixture of milk and whey; lose weight and get back into shape with the curative Merano grapes, freshly picked from the vine; have a delicate peeling treatment based on acids extracted from different varieties of local apples, and relax luxuriously with a delicious cup of tea brewed from herbs gathered on the nearby mountains.

The wellness package offered by the newly re-opening spa park is as varied as the beauties of the county’s landscape.

Thus Merano is inaugurating a new international meeting place devoted to health, wellness and luxurious pampering.

The spa extends over an area of 5 hectares, with 26 different indoor and outdoor pools for relaxation and treatments. The sauna complex alone, with its wellness oases, offers a spacious 1,250 square metres of hot and cold sensations. The ups and downs of its history over, the largest and most modern spa and wellness complex in the province is open for business, offering the best treatments based on natural products in the region.

Among the secrets of its success are the highly skilled medical personnel, the presence of lifeguards and specialists in a variety of wellness treatments, and the friendliness of the staff.

A stay at the spa can be beneficial for a variety of health problems: respiratory conditions, bilious, heart and nerve problems, rheumatic pains, convalescence and stress. The centre will be open to the public from October 2005. From spring to late autumn, the park is full of flowers, an enchanting setting for open-air pools, a pond covered with water-lilies and scented plants.

In winter, skiers and walkers on the snow will find the centre the ideal refuge in which to luxuriate in a sauna while enjoying the wonderful sight of palm trees and snowy peaks.

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Terme di Merano

Viale delle Terme

Tel. 0473 23 77 24

Fax 0473 23 32 36

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