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Ungdi Tshering Sherpa might be about to write his name in letters of fire in the book of climbing history, if he becomes the third disabled climber to reach the summit of Everest. Tshering lost both his hands in an accident some years ago, and now, thanks to special artificial hands and his many years of climbing experience, he is set to make his ascent of the highest mountain in the world. An undertaking which sounds incredible and could be memorable, but which in any case he will not be facing alone. Four Sherpas will accompany him in his attempt to emulate the feat of Weihenmeyer and Whittaker, the two disabled climbers (one blind, the other without legs) who two years ago succeeded in conquering “the” mountain. Tshering Sherpa is due to start his attempt in about a fortnight, if all goes well. Not all the funds required for Tshering to make the ascent have been collected, but he is confident that he will succeed in this challenge. He is equally confident about the climb. In a recent interview with the newspaper “Kathmandu Post”, he said, “I think I’ll make it if the weather conditions are in my favour. I’ve 15 years’ climbing experience, as a guide and a porter. Even since losing my hands I’ve taken part in several expeditions, and last November I got to the top of Nayakhnag peak (over 6,000 mt)”. Good luck to him.

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