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In the context of the Livigno Free Heel Fest, the international telemark festival, free heel skiing will play the one big leading role among the film contestants.

From 1st to 8th April 2006, Livigno will be the scene of the XII staging of one of the biggest international events dedicated to free heel skiing, with many events aimed at making the Free Heel Fest unique and special, a week of festivities with sport and pure entertainment.

After its success in 2005, it was indispensable to stage the second edition of the International Film Festival, the contest in which the film entries will be divided into two categories, long footage and short footage movies.

With this second edition, enriched by the knowledge of the high cailbre of the film actors participating in the first one, returns a moment best loved by the visitors to the Free Heel Fest, who are waiting to see, captured in pictures, the excitements experienced gliding over the immense snow-covered slopes of Livigno.

All types of movies are admitted to the contest, from narratives to animations, from documentaries to more experimental video clips, everything that can be projected onto the screen … as long as the undisputed lead star is telemark skiing!

Long and short footage movies will be screened alternately, two different categories to portray, in different vernacular, telemark and everything revolving around this sporting discipline, from the more technical aspects to the free interpretation of this kind of sport, which represents a veritable way of life.

There will be two winners, one for each category, judged by a qualified international jury comprising representatives of the world of sport, cinema and information.

The two winning films will play a featured role and will be screened on Sunday 2nd April in the congress hall of the multi-purpose civic centre of Livigno, Plaza Placheda, while the others will be transmitted by the local broadcasting station “Telemonteneve” during the entire week of the Free Heel Fest.

The winner of the “long footage” movie category will receive as prize the sum of 800 Euro, while the winner of the “short film” category will be awarded a one-week stay for two persons – in Livigno – of course.

In the meantime, there is a good deal of turmoil among the organisers, who are receiving day-in, day-out important registrations for the contest from international film directors of the calibre of Stephane Riendeau, Jay Andoline, Dickie Hall, Melissa McManus e Saskia Anley-McCallu, whose names are well-known in the world of telemark.

Particularly, the film of the latter director, “Ski Nomads” is eagerly awaited, which features many telemarkers who are regular guests of the Livigno Free Heel Fest, such as Kasha Rigby, John Falkiner and Sarah Ferguson, who just this year will have her own space dedicated to “Skiing from the inside”, for those who want to best express their own potential, liberating themselves from tensions, anxieties and incorrect posture by carrying out yoga exercises, always with their own skis on their feet.

In this context, it would be impossible no to mention the name of Josh Murphy, one of the most important producers in the world of films on the subject of telemark, winner of the Grand Prize of the Livigno Free Heel Fest with the film “The lost season”, in the category “Adventure”. Josh Murphy, together with his ever-present travelling companions Max Mancini, Ty Dayberry, Lorenzo Worster, Ben Dolenc, Scott Schield, Mark Sanders and Sarah Clemenson, the actors of his films, will be there at Livigno to offer the opportunity to all the fans to assist in the exhibitions of grand champions, to ski with them and to get a feeling for the essence of free heel skiing.

Livigno Free Heel Festival

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