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Italian ski-mountaineering is getting ready for a sparkling 2006 with the World Championships being held in Italy for the first time, as well as two trials for the World Cup.

The mountains in the Monviso and Mondolè areas of Cuneo province will be welcoming the best ski mountaineers in the world to the Championships, which will take place from 27 February to 4 March 2006, organised by a committee chaired by Armando Mariotta. The four days of the contest, just after the end of the Winter Olympics, will see two events at Crissolo and two at Artesina.

The organising committee has been busy making plans for a range of accompanying events designed to raise the profile of the Championships and stimulate interest in a sporting discipline whose popularity is increasing all the time.

The Italian national ski-mountaineering team is at present in retreat in the mountains of Cuneo where the Championships will be held, getting to know the area and training to give Italian fans of the sport the best results possible.


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