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a race trough the skyCòrteno Golgi – A fine book of history and photographs entitled “Sentiero 4 Luglio, quando l’amore si fa corsa” has been produced by the organisers of the Sky Marathon, as a way of commemorating the famous high altitude race which takes place annually in the mountains of Val Camonica, and which this year becomes a world-class event. This year’s Sentiero 4 Luglio Trofeo Davide (the 9th) is to be held on Sunday 6 July, and will be part of the 2003 World Skyrunning Championships; the news has been spread by the official calendar of the FSA (Federation for Sport at Altitude), the Internet site (at present being restyled) and the flyer that the wholly volunteer organisation headed by Giacomo Salvadori has sent to hundreds of Italian and foreign athletes. It will be the third of seven races held in 6 countries and 3 continents. And the race will also be part of the Italian Championship circuit.

So, big news, to which must be added the new logo devised for the occasion, as well as other important new organisational details of the punishing high altitude marathon through the Orobian Alps of the upper Val Camonica, touching on Valtellina and the Scalve Valley. In the now traditional half-marathon of Val Brandét, open also to boys and girls aged 16 to 18, the innovation is that the maximum time of arrival at the finish to be placed has been put back an hour, from 14.30 to 15.30; the prize-money in vouchers has increased to a total of 20,580 euros, plus the two Davide Trophies, with prizes in vouchers down to the 25th man and the 10th woman (since the ratio of women to men competitors is about 1 to 10, the women get proportionally more prizes).

The prize-money for the race is considerable – thanks partly to contributions from long-time sponsors such as Habitat Legno, Cavagna, Banca di Valle Camonica and others – and this despite the fact that the entry fees have not been increased. Boys and girls pay 31 euros, which includes the race entry fee, k-way and bib, gifts, and closing lunch); the adult fee is 70 euros, which includes race entry fee, dinner, overnight accommodation and breakfast, k-way and bib, gifts and closing lunch. Another innovation testifying to the organisation’s sense of fair play and its desire to open the race to as many contestants as possible from all over the world, is that 50% of the entry fee will be refunded to anyone who has registered but for some reason is not able to take part. The routes, regulations and registration limits are as before.

Giacomo Salvadori and his team are doing all they can to make the 5-6 July meeting a worthy celebration of two first-class achievements – the tenth anniversary of the race (as is well-known, the ’94 event is not counted, as it consisted in a solo run by Adriano Salvadori) and the sought-after inclusion in the World Championship circuit, which has been fully deserved by the Sky Marathon and all those who have believed in it and worked for it in its first, great decade.

“Sortilegi” (100 pages) is due to come out at the end of April, along with La Rivista del Trekking, while a press conference to present it is planned for the beginning of May at the Broletto (Old Town Hall) of Brescia, the provincial administration headquarters.

So far about 30 athletes, male and female, have registered, among them 11 from Spain, including the 2002 world champion Agusti Roc.


Saturday 5 July 2003

– 14/18: Meet at the Santìcolo Church Hall to confirm entries and receive race material. Ski sticks to be taken to Val Rösa must be handed over to the organisers by the athletes when the race material is received.

– 20.30: Briefing with athletes, press and TV

Sunday 6 July 2003

– 06.15: Meet for the start in Piazza Venturini in Cortena Golgi; start form to be signed

– 06.45: Simultaneous start, women

-07.30: Simultaneous start, men

-08.00: Inauguration of the Camillo Golgi Museum in Via Brescia (100 mt from the starting line of the race – TO BE CONFIRMED)

-09.30: Anticipated arrival of first athlete in half-marathon

-10.00: Mass in Santìcolo Church

-11.45: Anticipated arrival of first athlete in marathon

-13.00: Lunch at Santìcolo sports ground (open to all)

-16.30: Prize-giving in Piazza Venturini in Corteno


Salvadori Giacomo

Tel. 348 7834955

Phone +39 335 6819403

Fax 0364-740011 + 74337

Salvadori Adriano, Tel. 0364-74831

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