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With more than 400 participants from Spain, France, USA, Great Britain, Slovakia, Germany, Switzerland, Africa, besides those from every region in Italy. A troupe from the Japanese Tv TBS will film and transmit the event in the far East

Córteno Golgi – There is less than a week to go to the SkyRace “Footpath 4 Luglio” – 9th Trofeo Davide, the “Maratona del Cielo” held in the Upper Camonica Valley, in programme 6th July, this year valid as the 3rd Trial of the Skyrunning World Championship Circuit FSA (Federation for Sport at Altitude, see ).

On the start line, next sunday morning, there will probably be more than 400 runners, half ready to climb over Monte Sèllero (2.744 m.) and other hard picks along the 42 km. of the “Sentiero 4 Luglio” and half over Passo Salina (2.433 m.) for the short marathon.

Excited as ever, the last preparations are being made in Córteno Golgi valley (exactely 160 years ago here was born the Nobel prize Camillo Golgi) for the great effort that the organization, led by Giacomo Salvadori and a group of helpers, is starting to sustain during the next ten days, with enthusiasm and dedication. A very small community, that has been able in ten years to assume a primary role in mountian running and the sky running movement, is preparing to live its magical moment.

For some weeks now, to tell the truth, frantic moments are being lived, specially because of the growing rhythm of entries in the headquarters: the numerous entry of the Spaniards, world champion 2002 included; the first important names that start to appear: from the slovakian Milan Madaj to the valtrumpian Marco Maini, from the bergamasc Michele Semperboni to the veteran Gianpaolo Tosi, from Giovanna Cavalli to Gisella Bendotti (with her alot of Valsesians), from Fabio Bonfanti to Tiziano Ambrosi, from Massimo Colombo to Francesco Marini, from the strong british woman Ruth Pickvance (second time) to the first girl under 18 (in the half marathon). And last but not least Adriano Salvadori, first recordman on 1994.

There are also absolute new entries, like the first German, that has never been seen before on the “4 Luglio”, Michael Veit; the french-asian Sherpa Daichiri; some Americans and Swiss and the first Africans … no, it is a mistake! In fact, the Africans have already been before to the mountains of Córteno for two seasons and some of them are expected again. Anyway, if this isn’t a first it was!

What about the other “bigs”? We already mentioned the actual champion, the Spaniard Agustí Roc Amador (one of the first to enter together with a dozen of his compatriots like Quico Soler, Xavier Cadena, Ferran Sarri, Joan Colomer, Teresa Forn, Anna Serra, Marta Busquets, Asier Lizardi), also winner of the first trial of the Skyrunning World Championship Circuit 2003.

Even if we were certain that they wouldn’t be absent, the last minute news is the formal arrival of Bruno Brunod and Jean Pellissier (seeking revenge after the Spanish trial) and of their fellow countrymen Dennis Brunod (last winner of the “4 Luglio”). Then there is Mario Poletti (the Bergamasc who is always an eternal second, that on his fifth time would like to meet his task and who has recently tried the course), the great french woman Corinne Favre (also winner with a record breaking time at the last edition), the Lecco group, with at the head Giovanni Gianola, etc. Only Carlo Bellati will not be present for personal reasons. Here is his e-mail message: “Unfortunately I will not be able to take part in the Trofeo 4 Luglio because of a broken left thumb, fractured two weeks ago in Spain”.

The great runner/skialpinist Fabio Meraldi and the famous globetrotter Roberto Ghidoni will be present, but maybe not running.

Up until now, the entries are nearly closed for the marathon, whilst there are still some places left in the shortened race. May we remind those still interested in entering, to hurry up and formalize their entry, because in the last days it costs more (as is clearly stated on the entry form shown on the official website ) and the last day to enrole is the 3rd July at 20:00.

Another good news, comunicated by the president FSA Marino Giacometti, is the presence of a Japanese TV troupe from the TBS that will film the “4 Luglio” event. The accommodation for the special guests from the far east, Tomoko Aoyagi, Toshimi Niina and Hiroyuki Ideda has already been reserved. Like for all the guests from RAI-TV, Montebianco, Correre, La Corsa,, Corriere della Sera, Teletutto Brescia and the local Press.

Written by Antonio Stefanini

(Translated by Anna Thompson)


SkyRace Footpath 4 Luglio, 3rd Trial for the Skyrunning World Championship Circuit 2003

Saturday 5th July

-14/18: Meeting place c/o Church Hall, Santìcolo to confirm entries and give out competition material. Sticks to be transported in loc. Val Rösa must be given in to the Organization by the athletes when the competition material is consigned.

-Briefing with the athletes, Press and TV at the Córteno sports hall (ex town hall).

Sunday 6th July

-06.15: Meeting for the start in Piazza Venturini at Córteno Golgi and to sign the start form.

-06.45: Simultaneous start for the womens classes.

-07.30: Simultaneous start for the mens classes.

-09.30: Anticipated arrival of the first athlete in the half marathon at Santìcolo.

-10.00: Mass in the Santìcolo Church.

-11.45: Anticipated arrival of the first marathon athlete at Santìcolo.

-13.00: Lunch at the sports ground in Santìcolo (open to all).

-16.30: Prize-giving in Piazza Venturini at Córteno.

For further information

Giacomo Salvadori, Tel. +39 348 7834955

Stefano Salvadori, Tel +39 335 6819403 (English)

Antonio Stefanini, Tel. +39 347 4674204 (English)

Fax 0364 740011 – 0364 740450



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