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The first ARVA training centre in Italy has been opened in the 3valli (3valleys) Ski area. The Centre, at Col Margherita between the provinces of Belluno and Trento near the San Pellegrino Pass, offers training in the use of the ARVA device for locating avalanche victims.

A number of transmitters are buried in the snow in an area of about 100 square meters, and activated from a control panel at the entrance to the area. Once the transmitters are activated, participants simulate the search for victims, armed with shovels and probes.

Entry to the centre is free and open to anyone interested. The only requirement is to have the necessary equipment for the operation (ARVA + shovel + probe). Sponsors of the centre are the Italian Service of the Alpine Club, in association with the 3valli ski area and the Arabba Avalanche Centre. The idea is to educate skiers, especially those who ski off-piste on fresh snow, in the use of self-rescue equipment.


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